I have been a developer since 1995 and have majored in Computer & Communications Engineer (2009 graduate). I also found passion in other fields such as music, videography, photography, sound engineering, & events management
I currently run my own company - Grind Design & Development. I also have an events management organization (Rockring) and a home studio.

My skills are mostly in web development, web design, events management, sound engineering, and playing bass.
You can read more about my professional background in the resume page.

My other hobbies include parkour, snowboarding/skiing, movies, reading, multimedia, & travel.


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  • Top Arab Coder (Arabnet Developer Tournament Middle East/North Africa Finals) 2013
  • Top Lebanese Coder 2 times (Lebanon Development tournament) 2012,2014
  • Winner at Yalla Startup Weekend 2010
  • Winner at Byblos Startup Weekend 2013
  • Finalist at Arabnet Ideathon 2013

Startup projects:
Currently have 3 besides my company, will announce them in due time.

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I started using the computer in 1990 and the internet in 1995 (age 13). I did my own personal website in 1996, and sold my first professional website in 1997.
I have continued that path and have worked with over 30 clients to date - from small businesses to very large corporations. Eventually opening up my own company.

During these early periods, I was interviewed by several newspapers & magazines for my work. I also cohosted a live radio show and worked in a TV show for a while (around 1998).

I ventured into the sound around 2000, bass guitar in 2002, and events in 2003.
I mainly got involved in those because of my band (Blood Ink -
I started doing events for my band, which led to bigger events, and in parallel, started working in the audio domain to record our own material.

I eventually founded Rockring (, which is an events management organization that I now run and is mainly involved in rock & metal music. I am also the official National Director for Lebanon of Global Battle of the Bands (
Due to a lack of rock oriented sound engineers in the local market, I got deeply involved in sound work in which I gained a strong reputation.

I then started up my own home studio work.

As soon as I graduated I was accepted as a 5-year experience Senior Developer at Ayna Corp in 2009. I worked there for almost 1.5 years and then I quit to start my own business, Grind Design & Development -