I currently run my own company - Grind - specialized in web development & design. I carry with me 20 years of experience.
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A good website looks good, but only a great website works as good as it looks. With knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies, I build websites that are fast, accessible, and search engine friendly.
A website is like a car; it needs a good engine, transmission, and body. Amateurs will give a nicely polished body, but only that. I perfect the whole package, even comes with an extra fuel tank.

I have experience in PHP, Javascript, (X)HTML, CSS, Mobile websites, Zend Framework, Smarty, Jquery, Dojo, Prototype, Mootools - check my resume


Creating modern sleek websites is a prominent trend today. Integrating such a design meeting all W3C web standards is what gives your site an upper edge. Do not be fooled by amateurs, the success of your website is not only in the way it looks, but how it is stitched together.

All designs are implemented with XHTML/CSS meeting all standards and are search engine friendly.
The designs are genuinely created from scratch by a some excellent designers that I love working with.


Your website today is already tomorrow's website; to stay in the loop, the people behind your website must be ahead of the loop. This is my advantage. Being self taught throughout my life, I am curious by nature. I thrive to stay up to date.

I have taught myself all I know starting the age 10, and officially began development at the age of 13 - all I konw is the result of personal hard work, effort, & research. This is a trend that cannot and will not change.